Your Home Of Sri Lankan Hospitality On Our Nostalgic Beachfront

Nested upon a scenic strip of eastern coastline, luxury accommodation at Skandig Beach is found in other side of Koneshwaram Kovil peninsula. Resplendently positioned in Trincomalee, 5 minutes away from Trincomalee natural harbour and two-hour drive to heritage triangle, all there will mesmerise your stay with Skandig Beach Resort.


As the birthplace of our well-known Sri Lankan hospitality, the shores of Trincomalee have always held a special place in our country, we believe it does for your as well. Located five and half hours away from bustling city of Colombo, the journey to Skandig Beach Resort take you across our isle.

Area Trincomalee

Temperature 30°C

From Colombo 265 Km

Nearest City (2 Km) Trincomalee

Nearest Train Station 1 Km

Nearest Bus Terminus 100 m